Australian bike biz seeks to forge link between data and Government support

The bike industry is steadily getting to grips with the notion that, as dull a topic as it can be to some, data is actually quite useful a tool on which to base decisions, whether they be investment calls, or arguably of greater overall importance, political direction.

Replicating the patterns seen in the Northern Hemisphere, Bicycle Industries Australia has now issued a rallying call to bike shops on the continent to take seriously the power that wielding data can bring to a broader campaign effort to grow cycling.

Peter Bourke, the general manager at BIA, is now spearheading the effort and has recruited a third-party consultancy to manage the data drive. In doing so the data gathered will be anonymised and compiled into a report available to BIA staff and members, but also to be used as a foundation to further lobby Government to cater both for existing cyclists, but also a new generation that have invested in cycling as a form of transport since the pandemic gave pause for thought on transport usage.

Illustrating the importance of a grassroots effort by the industry to support data dries Bourke wrote:

“During lockdown we saw a massive spike in sales and increase of riders on roads, paths and trails.

“As a direct result of the increased usage, the government invested in short term ‘pop-up’ infrastructure and fast tracked long term plans for more permanent infrastructure.

“We want more investment as it supports more riders which keeps demand for bicycles high.

“We know there was a spike in sales, we know there was a record number of bicycles imported, we know the industry benefited, but we do not know how many or what types of bikes were sold.

“This information is needed to continue to push Government to invest in infrastructure and programs that keeps people riding – and buying.”

Bourke is now on a mission to gather data both from retailers and importers.

“I understand that in a busy day this is one more thing, but the data is critical for entire sector,” he concludes.

Retailers can supply a data file here.

Importers complete their file here.

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