Litelok goes silver after successful bout of crowd funding

British lock manufacturer Litelok has launched a Silver-rated lock after a very successful crowd funding campaign.

Litelok Silver’s backers raised four times as much as expected – £105,710.00 of a £25,000.00 target.

In three wearable sizes, the lock is pitched as the world’s lightest Silver-rated bike lock range and features a lock housing made from hardened aerospace steel alloy.

“Silver represents a significant step change for our young company,” said Professor Neil Barron, Founder and CEO of Litelok. “Not only have we created another new cutting edge lock mechanism, it’s a complete game changer for Silver-rated locks. Learnings from its development will have far-ranging effects across all our products.”

Litelok Silver’s housing is combined with Litelok’s patented Boaflexicore material, a complex high tensile steel and polymer composite. According to Litelok, this means the secure lock is 40-50% lighter than Silver-equivalent U and D locks, chains and armoured cables.

The locks also share the same flexibility as the high-tech firm’s ‘Gold’ range  – enabling them to be secured to a broader range of places than rigid U and D locks. Also, the range features a vertical locking and unlocking mechanism – ensuring a comfortable, downward, line of sight that means users don’t have to bend or crane their neck to open and close them.

As well as their unique lightness and usability, Litelok Silvers are joinable, rattle-proof and, thanks to over 300 hours of salt-spray testing, rust-proof.

As well as being put through their paces by testing experts Sold Secure, Litelok Silvers have been tested in the firm’s own high-tech facility. The firm said the tests showed “in comparison to competitors, they are much more difficult to break using a tool such as a crowbar or tyre iron – Boaflexicore’s properties just result in energy being built up, which then sees it spring back and unwind violently. In terms of resistance to bolt cropper attack, the material will take a cutting load of 148kN (33,000lb) – equivalent to the weight of an F-18 Hornet fighter jet, focused through a sharp point.”

The Litelok Silver range is available exclusively through until June, when it will also be available via Evans stores and website. From July 1st, it will also be available for all IBDs to stock. The three different sizes are 52cm (weighing just 630g), 70cm (730g) and 85cm (830g).  RRP £65.00, £85.00 and £95.00 respectively.

Litelok launched in 2015 with its Gold rated product.