NSW rakes in $1.33 million fining cyclists since March

Harsh penalties introduced in March have raised $1.33 million in fine revenue for New South Wales, of which $1 million stems from tickets relating to cyclists breaking local helmet compulsion laws.

Such laws have been proven to reduce numbers of cyclists on the road and with fines having jumped from $79 to $319, the policy has been effective in further reducing numbers on the roads.

Fines amounting $425 for trackstanding at red traffic lights have also been issued, leading to many local cyclists questioning the pedantic nature of law enforcement when it comes to singling out cyclists.

The local Government has previously targeted doubling cyclist numbers on the roads, but that ambition was scrapped in September 2015, sending cyclist numbers back to pre-2013 lows.

By contrast, just 15 fines have been passed to motorists breaking close pass rules in 60km/h and under zones. These total just $4,857.

From March 2017, it is proposed that riders not carrying photo ID may also face $106 on the spot fines.