Barcelona to increase cycling network “165%” by 2018 with €32m investment

Barcelona’s City Council has outlined plans to invest €32 million in what it describes as a “coherent, connected and complete” cycling infrastructure network.

With complaints of lack of continuity with the existing network, the Council has pledged to evenly cover the city, with work beginning on five new cycle lanes from this summer.

During the first half of 2016, work has also been underway to complete four new lanes at a total cost of €515,196. The work expands upon Barcelona’s existing 116 kilometres of cycle routes.

Like many other cities, Barcelona has now outlined an Urban Mobility Plan, which in this case envisages that, by 2018, 95% of the city’s population will have at least one lane within 300 metres of their home. The ambition with the new funding will see 308 kilometres of route open by 2018, a 165% increase in just a few years.

To ensure the infrastructure doesn’t leave cyclists stranded at the end of their journeys, dedicated bicycle parking around the city is planned to hit 30,000 spaces.

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