Belgium leads Europe on e-Bikes as half of bikes sold now electric

Mobility organisation Traxio has shared with the Flemish Government figures which outline that half of Belgium’s bicycle sales are now electric.

Speaking at a sustainable mobility conference, Bike-Eu reports Traxio’s Philippe Decrock telling ministers: “One out of every two bicycles sold today is an e-bike, while two years ago this was still one out of every three bikes. The increased range to which e-bikes are nowadays capable of is an important reason for this remarkable growth in market share. Currently the e-bike is more often used to commute to work or school.”

As a result of the surging popularity of the assisted bicycle, the region is carefully assessing regulations and Traxio will support the minister for consumer affairs Kris Peeters proposal that insurance not be a requirement of e-Bikes generating speeds below 22.5km/h, excluding those that operate via a throttle. A general liability insurance will likely cover any claims that do arise, it is said.

Over the border in Germany, e-Bike sales have grown by around 12% year-on-year and have rapidly taken market share from pedal powered sales, tallying one in eight sales in March of 2016, but quickly developing across the city, trekking and MTB categories.