Bicycle Shop Kits adds 3D online store design tool

Retail merchandising specialists Bicycle Shop Kits have added a three dimensional online planner to assist shops in organising their shop floor.

Found at the top right of the firm’s website, the interactive tool allows stores to drag and drop a range of point of sale and fixed items onto the adjustable floor plan. One small catch, to take advantage you will need to register with the site.

Once you’ve laid out your selection the site allows for orders for point of sale to be placed directly for shipping anywhere in the world.

Among the products are space-saving towers that are capable of lifting even weighty electric bikes into the air by the back wheel, pulling the wheelbase tight to the wall.

The founders of Bicycle Shop Kits have a whole catalogue of thought provoking retail development videos under the Project Duo banner, a number of which we have hosted here on CI.N. To catch up on those hit the episode links below:

To see more on store design system, check out the demo video below: