Bike shops can now add aerodynamic assessment in bike fits via Velogicfit 3D Aero

Bike Fit tech company Velogicfit has launched 3d Aero, which enables bicycle retailers to assess aerodynamics alongside – or independent of – a traditional bike fit service.

Like its recent revision to its flagship motion capture system 3D Motion, Velogicfit is offering bike shops the chance to pay a monthly fee ($89 USD) to use the package, rather than pay a large lump sum up front).

Velogicfit said: “The aerodynamics of a rider on their bike have historically been difficult to assess. Far too sensitive to detect by eye, effective aerodynamic adjustments have in the past only been available to pro teams with the budget, resources and expertise to spare. These days, accurate aero assessments in the wind tunnel can cost cyclists considerable time and money, relying on experts to offer solutions. Velogicfit have turned their considerable bike fit and technology expertise to this problem to provide an accessible, more affordable solution: 3D Aero.”

Velogicfit 3D Aero software system uses a 3D camera positioned in front of the cyclist on a wind trainer (or calibrated fit-bike). It is able to isolate the frontal area of the rider without the need for cumbersome background greenscreens or additional equipment. The system then calculates the CdA (frontal drag area) of the rider in the current position and even offers predicted wattage requirements for target splits and predicted watts saving for aero improvements. For competitive road cyclists, triathletes and time trialists, it offersinformed adjustment and aero feedback.

Fitters can operate 3D Aero alone or alongside Velogicfit 3D Motion, enabling assessment of the impact of aero adjustment on the rider’s position and pedalling efficiency. The 3D Aero package includes quick-start training modules, providing all the information fitters and retailers need to operate the system effectively and accurately.

In addition to providing a sought-after service to cyclists and triathletes, 3D Aero also enables stores and fit studios the chance to distinguish their fitting service, going beyond a standard bike-fit to a comprehensive aerodynamic fit, the firm explained: “Not only can stores expect to upsell aerodynamic feedback, but by offering tangible improvements to cycling performance can also expect to benefit from the positive feedback and word-of-mouth promotion that assisting customers to achieve their cycling goals can bring.

“Velogicfit fitters regularly report the gains made by 3D Aero customers, ranging from seconds to minutes in speed depending on the race distance. In the age of influencer marketing, what better way to promote your store or fit studio than to be associated with countless cycling success stories of your 3D Aero customers?”

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