Velogicfit sets new pricing to bring in Bike Fit retailers

Velogicfit, a bike-tech company specialising in sizing and fitting, has announced a new pricing plan for its flagship motion capture system 3D Motion.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars up front for a professional, 3D motion capture bike fit system, bicycle retailers who take on Velogicfit 3D Motion now have the option to pay $199 USD per month ( a one-off startup fee of $199 USD applies).

The pricing plan move mirrors the changes in consumer spending, where the so-called subscription economy has grown significantly.

The Velogicfit system includes the Velogicfit 3D Motion software and all specialist hardware (including 3D camera, measuring wand and fit markers), significantly reducing the barrier to entry for stores and fitters taking up Bike Fit, according to Velogicfit Managing Director Nicky Bowden.

“Taking the step to add a bike fit service to a bicycle retail business can seem like a risk, especially if you have no previous experience in bike fit. Competitor systems in the market can cost thousands of dollars upfront, compounding that risk as stores spend the next several years paying off the system before they can profit from their bike-fit service. What we have done with our product subscriptions, is price the software and hardware within the cost of one bike fit per month, so stores only have to sell two bike fit services per month to make a profit right from the start.”

The Velogicfit 3D Motion system is an advanced fit system, providing everything from virtual measuring, lateral measurements and detailed data and fit reports; all the data fitters’ need to recommend the ultimate riding position to their customers. The 3D Motion system has been a success for the New Zealand-based company, currently reporting sales in 28 countries.

In addition to the 3D Motion system itself, the Velogicfit subscription also includes quick-start training and promotional and technical support, with the option for fitters to enrol in additional fit training workshops. Velogicfit has listened to feedback from customers and bicycle retailers to understand the challenges facing the bicycle industry, and design product packages and support to overcome those obstacles.

“We are passionate about seeing more people riding bikes comfortably the world over. Part of that is empowering retailers to begin offering bike fit, and for them to see the benefits both to their business and to their customers.” Bowden explains, “By broadening the accessibility of our 3D Motion system, we hope to see that accelerate.”

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