Body Rocket partner with BMC to create future vision of performance cycling

Body Rocket has announced its new tech partnership with the Swiss bike brand BMC in a bid to pioneer the future of performance cycling through aerodynamics.

Body Rocket plan to provide accurately measured aerodynamics data for cyclists in real-time and in real conditions, on the road. The technology includes three sensors; on the stem, on the seat post, and on the pedals, and these sensors isolate the rider from the bike. As the body accounts for 80% of drag, empowering the rider with the ability to use live data to optimise their body position provides the ultimate performance tool.

Ongoing developments to the Body Rocket tech will be carried out on BMC bikes, enabling the company to continue to refine and perfect the accuracy of the device while giving BMC insight into the link between its bikes and the athletes who use them.

Eric DeGolier, Founder of Body Rocket, said: “It’s a huge accolade to be working with BMC as we continue to develop our technology, and this is an exciting step forward in our journey towards making it widely available to cyclists and triathletes. Our vision is to make aerodynamics data become the norm as part of a performance data set. This is the future of cycling, and together with BMC, we hope to achieve it.”

As part of BMC’s technical and engineering advancements in cycling, this partnership with Body Rocket will see the two brands working together to create a vision for the future of cycling performance and an enhanced experience for cyclists and triathletes.

David Zurcher, CEO at BMC Switzerland, said: “We are very excited to be collaborating with Body Rocket. As a young company, Body Rocket is aiming to make aerodynamics data accessible for anyone serious about getting faster on a bike. This aligns well with our vision to elevate the performance of cyclists everywhere. Together, we’ll be able to do things neither company could do on our own, and future cyclists everywhere will benefit.”

Earlier this month saw BMC Switzerland buy out performance cycle clothing label Adicta Lab. The move appears to already be underway, as the Adicta site is currently blank in the collection section of the website.