BMC buys clothing label Adicta Lab

BMC Switzerland has bought out performance cycle clothing label Adicta Lab.

A notice on the clothing firm’s website alludes to the move under the banner ‘Adicta is on the road’

“The avant-garde cycling apparel is moving to the official BMC Switzerland website. See you there in Spring 2021,” adds the message.

The move appears to already be underway, as the Adicta site is currently blank in the collection section of the website.

The pair have history working together so the move is not entirely out of the blue. Adicta Lab worked closely with the BMC team to create an apparel line under the Zero banner. This particular collection was designed specifically to complement the BMC Bicycles range in both colour and graphics, pitching to the brand’s customers with an equally high performance product.

Among those working with Adicta directly are the likes of Tour de France inner Cadel Evans, a BMC rider and Julien Absalon, with whom the brand has a partnership to supply the new Absolute Absalon Mountain Bike Racing Team. Absalon is a World and Olympic champion.

The terms of the deal do not appear to have been made public at the present time. In the UK, BMC is supplied via distributor ZyroFisher, though no announcement yet exists on whether the clothing range will make here.