Bold Cycles vs Derby Cycle court case concludes

A trademark rights dispute between Bold Cycles and Derby Cycle has been settled in Braunschweig, where the two parties reportedly reached an amicable agreement.

Last year, Derby Cycle launched several hardtail models under one of its brands, Focus, using “Bold” in the product name, regardless of existing intellectual property rights.

Sister company of Bold Cycles, The Flow Company, filed the lawsuit to the district court. Derby Cycle launched an unsuccessful counter claim, meaning the trademark rights to “Bold” remain registered with Flow and the European Office, and are legally valid. The use of “Bold” by Derby Cycle has now been discontinued.

Vincenz Droux, Founder and Owner of Bold Cycles and Flow, said: “An agreement on the matter is a relief for the family business, Bold Cycles. The clarification of the trademark rights is a satisfaction. We are pleased to continue to develop the Bold brand along the same path and to invest our energy in the development of innovative products.”

Hayley Everett

Multimedia Reporter

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