Businesses dismayed as cyclists “banned” from Newport City centre

Gwent Police have announced a traffic order banning cyclists from 11 key city centre streets in Newport from next month.

The South Wales Argus reports that local businesses have reacted with dismay, with one suggesting that “if it was April i would think it’s an April Fools.”

Another pointed out that it’s already illegal to cycle on the pavements and suggested encouraging should be the local authorities’ approach.

Those found to be cycling will initially be handed warning letters and have their details taken. After the initial period, police will hand out fixed penalty notices, which will be applied whether or not the cyclist is deemed to be riding anti-socially or not. Gwent police suggested that the ban will be an “on-going project.”

According to the local paper, the affected streets are Bridge Street, Cambrian Street, Charles Street, Commercial Street, Corn Street, Griffin Street, High Street, Market Street, Skinner Street, Stow Hill and Upper Dock Street.