California widens low emissions funding pool to include e-bike share applications

California has expanded upon a goal to get 1.5 million zero-emissions vehicles on the road by 2025, opening up a funding pot to tempt electric bike share providers to apply.

The funding is an extension upon last year’s Air Resources Board $2.5 million scheme to help disadvantaged communities access electric car sharing. Proving a success, the ARB last week announced a second year’s funding and a vastly increased $8 million pot for non-profits and cities to apply for.

Cycle campaigners in the region had previously called for the cash to become available to bike share schemes. Jeanie Ward-Waller of the California Bicycle Coalition welcomed the chance for Californians to benefit on two wheels.

She told “For about a year now we’ve been advocating for bikes to be included in ARB’s clean vehicle subsidy and incentive bucket. We’re glad to see bike-share pop up in the funding plan. We’re now recruiting cities and partner organizations to apply so we can get more bikes out on the street and really prove concept.”

The campaign group already works with electric bike manufacturers, potentially opening the door for quick expansion across the state. It is hoped that the funding could help subsidise low-income memberships, new systems or expansion of current schemes.

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