Campagnolo launch new Bora Ultra WTO series wheelset

Campagnolo has announced the launch of its new Bora Ultra WTO series, a stiffer, lighter and more aerodynamic model of its successful Bora WTO wheelset.

The new WTO ULTRAs are disc brake only, rolling on a smooth CULT ceramic bearing system that’s housed in a Carbon front hub and Aluminium alloy rear hub – compatible with Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM cassettes. Additionally, they feature an all-new Aero Mo-Mag™ rim construction making for an easy tubeless setup and an extremely clean look and weighing from an incredible 1,385g per pair.

Hidden inside the rim, this latest version of Campagnolo’s Mo-Mag technology allows for cleaner and more efficient airflow when coupled with Campagnolo’s aero elliptical spokes. Additionally, the Mo-Mag system allows Campagnolo to mould the nipple and valve holes into the rims, negating entirely the need to drill holes in the carbon fibre. This increases internal strength, and reduces localised stress, which in turn increases the wheelset’s fatigue life.

The Aero Mo-Mag system also guarantees ease-of-adjustment with a supplied tool, meaning spoke tension can be increased or decreased, even with the tyre still in place. Furthermore, Campagnolo has constructed glass-fibre reinforced polymer plates between the rim and the nipple to improve the leaning and the fatigue life of the system reducing loads and corrosion probability.

The Bora Ultra WTO’s rims have been completely redesigned across the range with both weight-loss and continued WTO performance in mind. The new rims, aerodynamically optimised for 25mm tires, are constructed from Campagnolo’s Hand Made Ultra-Light Carbon. H.U.L.C is the result of extensive development over decades of in-house carbon fibre moulding, enabling Campagnolo’s engineers to optimise the usage of both fiber and bonding resin for the perfect blend of strength, stiffness and light weight. This means the Bora Ultra WTO tips the scales at just 1425g in the 45mm rim format.

There are three wheelset options to choose from; the Bora Ultra WTO 33, Bora Ultra WTO 45 and Bora Ultra WTO 60.

The Campagnolo wheelset will be available to order now from Chicken Cyclekit. To find out more, contact an Area Account manager, visit the B2B, or call Dale Moore in the sales office on 01525 381347.