Cape Town ponders viability of local bicycle assembly and manufacture

Having outlined plans to lay down 160km of cycling routes by next year, Cape Town is reportedly now pondering whether it could introduce bicycle manufacture or assembly locally.

Local News outlet CityLife reports that an up-coming cycling strategy will include a proposal for a manufacturing plant.

Pedal Power Association Robert Vogel, though saying primarily he wants to see an increase in numbers, advises that the city first consider bicycle assembly plant applications ahead of manufacture.

He told the site: “In our (PPA) opinion, it may be advisable to consider bicycle assembly first, before opting for the manufacturing of bicycles. The sustainability of the (manufacturing) facility is critical, if we want to create sustainable employment opportunities.”

At present less than one percent of locals cycle, but with new infrastructure it is hoped that leisure cyclists and commuters can be persuaded to change their transport modes to pedal power.