Cargo bike operator Olvo unveils new partnership with Ikea France

Paris-based cargo bike cooperative, Olvo, has announced a new partnership with Ikea France which will see products delivered to customers’ homes from the store by pedal power.

Ikea’s first downtown store in La Madeleine, Paris, opened on Monday, and customers can now have products sold in the shop home-delivered by bike, for a price ranging between €4.99 – €19.99.

Customers will be able to use their smartphones to fill out a form with their address and pay for their items, then simply wait for Olvo to deliver the goods at the customer’s chosen time. Customers can choose items up to a 170 litre capacity.

Olvo, which prior to landing the Ikea contract worked with primarily local SMEs, has a mission to remove vans and cars from the streets of Paris. The small cycle logistics company, however, believed it was the ideal partner for the multi-national chain:

“Against all odds, we were selected for this contract (not a little proud!). This is an important step for us and the beginning of a new era for our small society, which is growing at a great speed. From eight employees at the end of August 2018, we are currently 19 in the team. Ready to reinvent delivery while creating quality jobs.”

Cargo bikes seem to be a hot topic in the cycle industry right now, with a number of companies looking to utilise this area. Bringing in emissions schemes such as central London’s ULEZ zone, car-free cities seen in the Netherlands and last-mile delivery alternatives has turned many heads in the direction of cargo bikes as a viable form of transport, delivery vehicle and even a taxi service.

As the pressure of environmental activists and threat of governmental intervention rises, it’s possible that more businesses and companies will start looking to capitalise on this upwards trend of urban mobility, and how they can implement greener delivery methods such as cargo bikes in to their business models to lessen their eco footprint and reduce emissions, whilst retaining economic sense, too.

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