Catalonia to host new year round chairlift assisted bike park

A new year round mountain bike park will be developed just outside of Barcelona, claiming to be the first of its kind to utilise a dedicated chairlift designed for mountain bikes.

To be found on the mountain of “Puig de la Devesa” in Ripoll, Catalonia, Elevated Mountain Bike Park will release detail in the coming weeks about the schedules of development of the facility on ground which it describes as “ideal lay-out for the mountain biking sport.”

“We also anticipate a positive impact on the natural environment as the park will work actively to improve its forests and it will be the first park using 100% green energy,” said Szymon Kowalski of Elevated Mountain Bike Park.

“We fell in love with this particular location for its breathtaking views and its ideal lay-out for the mountain biking sport. Furthermore, the vicinity of the historic city of Ripoll and the city of Campdevànol with their respective train stations make it a very convenient and appealing destination for our customers,” he added.

The new trail centre will be supported by a skills school, trails of various grades for all skill sets, a rental store and coffee shop.

For those thinking abut winter vacations to the region, it is typically around 15 degrees in December and January.

Despite the global pandemic, cycle tourism has continued to set records in Europe throughout 2020, with people taking full advantage of the permitted exercise by bike.