CeramicSpeed employs specialists to clamp down on third party sellers

Experts in keeping things rolling CeramicSpeed have appointed Oris Intel in the Americas in a move to protect the brand online from third party sellers.

Citing a desire to protect its resellers’ margins, the Danish bearing experts say the appointment of the online price monitoring firm will give stockists reassurance in the label.

Ben Powell, Head of Business Development in the Americas, commented: “We value massively the role that our resellers play on the positioning of our brand. It is our duty to not only protect our brand but to ensure the investment and commitment our resellers make towards our brand is also protected.”

To achieve this protection, CeramicSpeed, with immediate effect, have implemented a number of new protocols that will help control online selling and pricing, filter out third party sellers, whilst providing a better opportunity to those committing to the brand to benefit from their investment.

The following protocols are to be implemented with immediate effect;

  • ORIS Intel online price monitoring software formally in place and active
  • The removal of CeramicSpeed products from SmartEtailing’s Catalog Syndication Service
  • CeramicSpeed now requiring all resellers, whether physical and/or online, to comply with their new “Reseller Marketing Policy” a cer
  • Under the new “Reseller Marketing Policy” CeramicSpeed reserves the right in CeramicSpeed’s sole discretion to approve or disapprove of the sale or offering for sale by any Reseller of CeramicSpeed products over the Internet or any interactive electronic network.

The updated MAP Policy is available online at ceramicspeed.com, or at QBP.com under the MSRP/MAP section.

CeramicSpeed kindly asks that those resellers whom feel negatively effected by these new protocols to contact the company direct.