Moore Large sign Tannus Tyres exclusive distribution deal

Moore Large & Co Ltd have announced that they are now the exclusive UK distributor of Tannus Tyres. The airless puncture-proof tyres are designed to get you from home to the office with minimum fuss.

“We are all delighted to add Tannus Tyres to our ever evolving portfolio of global leading brands,” said Adam Garner, Moore Large’s Brand director. He explains. “Growth areas in our market have been heavily weighted towards the commuter and eBike market and with continued improvement to our cycling infrastructure the addition of airless tyre technology couldn’t be more timely”.

Aimed at commuters, Tannus’  Aithier technology has been fine-tuned over 15 years by expert engineers to achieve the perfect balance of durability, low rolling resistance, comfort and grip.

Tannus International Director Jazz Walia added, “We’re really excited to join hands with Moore Large as a leading UK distributor. Come and see us at the Birmingham cycle show to learn more about the airless tyre and an exclusive offer on Tannus tyres.”

The first delivery of selected products is imminent with additional deliveries scheduled in October. Moore Large welcomes enquiries from new and existing dealers alike, and will be available to discuss further on the Tannus booth at the The Cycle Show later this month.

Moore Large can be reached by phone on 01332 274252 or by email