CES to feature new eMobility Experience and Test Track

Organisers of the upcoming CES event in Las Vegas have announced that the first eMobility Experience and Test Track will be part of the event.

The eMobility Experience and Test Track will share the outdoor space with the Autonomous Vehicle demo area.

The test track can host over 50 bike, LEV and scooter brands, accessories and part suppliers and will offer a media and conference area, dedicated for a full range of industry relevant sessions.

The 65,000 square foot test track will include hills and ramps to test the bikes, drive trains, handling and acceleration features of the vehicles. Once an attendee completes their test of one vehicle, they can simply return it and pick up another. Through a custom RFID tracking system exhibitors learn who is testing their products, in real time.

The test track will be open during all active show hours of CES. Only registered CES attendees can access the test track. In preparation for Eurobike and the IAA and thereafter, inMotion marcom, Uwe Weissflog will lead all sales and promotional service efforts for Europe.

The eMobility Experience will be part of the transportation and smart cities categories at CES. Event Programming Produced by Electric Bike Events LLC. The team organizing eMobility Experience has been behind the 22 e-bike test track programs running across the US since 2016, including the experiential tracks at Interbike.

More information can be found here.

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