CIN Podcast: Mechanic training with Cycle Systems and Velotech Cycling

The latest episode of the CI.N Podcast draws on the veteran knowledge of two of the bike industry’s best known mechanic trainers, Graeme Freestone King of Velotech Cycling and Sean Lally of Cycle Systems Academy.

As you might expect, this episode covers a lot of ground with the bike industry desperately scrambling for mechanic expertise in response to a cycling boom in the UK during lockdown. Looking for a mechanic role? Check out our jobs board for the latest positions on offer.

Freestone King and Lally discuss the mechanic shortage that the industry seems to be experiencing at the moment, alongside the growth in upstarts of mobile mechanics who have been soaking up some of the coronavirus-related spike in workshop demand, after attending courses with Cycle Systems and Velotech.

The pair also offer their thoughts on whether they think the current demand for workshops can sustain, and what could help sustain this over the long term, including whether the industry will see more B2C brands linking up with mechanics, or if new infrastructure being laid down could steady the demand.

Also touched on in this episode is the evolution of skills required to work on modern bikes, such as electric Bikes and cargo bikes and well as integrated parts, and how the two trainers are teaching these extra skills during their courses.

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