City of London to host Green Commute Initiative events to promote e-bikes and quiet ways

The City of London Corporation is to host a series of events in conjunction with the Green Commute Initiative to promote the launch of quiet ways to commuters within the City. For each event the participant is provided with an e-bike and gets a guided tour of the quiet ways and particular points of interest within the City.

The tours are free to employees of City companies and as well as the chance to try an e-bike, will offer an excellent chance to network with fellow city workers. Some of the rides will end with a social event.

Participants who would like an extended trial of the e-bikes, can book a 24 hour hire.

Employees whose employers are already signed up with the Green Commute Initiative can use the innovative “e-for free” scheme where employees can borrow an e-bike free of charge for 3 days.

Rob Howes, Managing Director of Green Commute Initiative said: “We’re delighted to be supporting the City of London with this initiative. London has a major problem with air quality and academic research shows that e-bike riders using quiet ways suffer hardly any exposure to pollution. We think getting more commuters onto e-bikes is a key step towards reducing pollution and of course traffic congestion.”

Green Commute Initiative is a not for profit Social Enterprise whose mission is to get commuters out of their cars and onto clean e-bikes by offering them tax breaks. The firm charges a 5% commission to bike shop partners and has no limit on purchased bike price.