Chapeau! awards retail partners second round of commission

Cycle clothing brand Chapeau! has awarded its retail partners a second round of commission payments.

These commission payments come via Chapeau!’s use of INMO, the omni-channel retail platform that connects brands, retailers and customers.

Chapeau! has acted as a test brand for the INMO platform for over a year, selling its clothing and accessories in IBDs and exclusively online via the site, with retailers receiving commission from all online sales made into their area. This second round of commission payments sees retailers throughout the UK benefit, with larger stores receiving up to several hundred pounds each.

“We know retail representation is critical to the successful growth of the Chapeau! brand,” said John McVey, Chapeau! Sales Director. “We also know that it’s critical to have the best possible online presence that customers can purchase from. This is why we’ve chosen to only have a direct channel for online sales and to work in strong partnership with retailers. It’s not the quick option for growth but we believe that it’s the right decision long term.

“Sharing commission with local Chapeau! dealers is key to removing the conflict between online and retail sales. Customers will often discover our brand in their local dealer then make a purchase online. These commission payments are made in a fully transparent way by INMO and rightly acknowledge the added value retailers play in making those sales.”

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