Flash Vielo Sports Storck sale sees up to 75% reductions

Former Storck distributor Veilo Sports has begun a flash sale of its stock following the loss of the distribution contract earlier this month.

With dealers now instructed to contact newly appointed distributor Cambrian for stock, the sale live at storck-bicycle.cc outlines that customers can get 25% off product in store and 75% online. 50% is offered on selected clothing lines.

Though the selected lines slashed shouldn’t, in theory, give dealer stockists too much of an undercutting headache, the former distributor’s sale may not be welcomed by all parties. Among the items listed are Visioner carbon framesets, sold online at a price as low as £344.75, down from £1379.00 at retail. A complete Aernario is retailing online at £3,524, down from £4,699.

Sales are offered with a full warranty attached from Storck Bicycle Germany.