Convercycle folding cargo bike targets those with space limits

Frankfurt-based Convercycle exhibited its folding two in one city and cargo bike at the Eurobike trade show, turning heads within the start up area where the show’s organisers served up a plethora of new innovations.

The design of the Convercycle allows the rider, in one swift lift and tuck motion, to fold the rear wheel under the steel chassis to reduce the wheelbase length to that of a standard bicycle. Unfold the other way and you’ve a cargo hauler with a loading area of 40 cm x 60 cm, an ideal size to load a crate or a few packages. The permissible total carriage is 180kg.

The concept came to fruition at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach in the faculty of industrial design, where designer David Maurer-Laube pencilled the first design as part of his studies and motivation to pitch in to the sustainable transport discussion. With this design he hoped to create a utility bike that could function as part of a multi-modal commute, including the possibility to take the bike on trains, or fit in an elevator for apartment owners.

A Kickstarter launched a year later (2018) to bring the concept from the drawing board to production, ultimately leading to the creation of Convercycle Bikes GmbH.

The personal cargo bike is to be made available in both a folding bicycle and electric cargo bike iteration, priced for the time being at €2,599 and €3,799, plus shipping, respectively. The electric version will be driven by a front wheel hub motor and an 11Ah, 36V battery.

The Convercycle team are contactable here.

The marketplace for cargo bike is in strong ascendancy at the present time, with surging demand both from commercial users, such as postal services, but also the consumer looking for inner-city car alternatives.

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