Sea Otter Australia postponed as Covid resurgence hits

Sea Otter Australia has announced the postponement of its event in the face of a resurgence of Covid-19.

The organiser says that “it has become clear that we cannot host an event that will meet our standards. We have decided to reschedule October’s Sea Otter Australia to 29 September – 3 October, 2022.

“The response to our new event has been strong and we are truly excited about what Sea Otter Australia will be when we can safely hold this incredible festival. Thank you again for believing in us, our management team will continue to make every effort to ensure your support is rewarded with great fun for you and your family!”

Exhibitors will be offered the chance to transfer tickets or have a refund issued, requests for which can be made by email here.

The Canberra event is the youngest instalment of the now global Sea Otter series, which as well maintaining its well-established Monterey event, also now has a European instalment that has grown to an impressive size in Girona.