Could a reorder approach offer a refreshing change for IBDs?

It’s been just under a year since Upgrade Bikes took on Fusion’s Cycle portfolio. Upgrade’s Co-Founder Matt Ryley shares how the clothing brand is continuing to offer a refreshing change for IBDs…

Celebrating its 20th year in 2019, Danish clothing brand Fusion has long been forging a reputation for producing quality, functional and durable high-performance cycling sportswear. Fusion’s ongoing and consistent product range is subject to a year-round development programme rather than seasonal launches, which, according to Ryley, sets it apart from other apparel retailers in the market. “Upgrade strongly feels that Fusion is a refreshing change to what has become the accepted standard of cycle clothing retailing, which is becoming harder and harder for an IBD to offer,” he says. “The range is constantly being reviewed and changes and improvements tried, tested daily and when right, implemented in to production.”

Fusion’s range, which is available in-store only, is updated and improved when there are developments in materials or an identified need or gap in the market emerges. These changes can be easily implemented due to the flexible set up of Fusion’s manufacturing facilities. “Fusion owns its own manufacturing bases which work for them exclusively,” explains Ryley. “This means they don’t have to book production time and they can make as many changes as they want, when they want, without any delays. This also means they can manufacture exactly what is needed, when it’s needed, ensuring a near 100% availability and order fulfilment rate.”

This approach prevents overproduction and too much stock sitting on shelves, which in turn means that clothing clearance deals and discounts are not something Fusion offers. Proving particularly attractive to IBDs, Upgrade and Fusion are operating a reorder, not pre-order, scheme whereby stores only need buy a unit once they’ve sold through current stock.

When asked how Fusion’s 2019 range was received at this year’s COREbike Show, Ryley says: “The products were well received by both new and existing customers. However, we found an overriding majority of dealers are frustrated with the current state of the cycle clothing market and the fact that established clothing brands often have to be sold at clearance prices, either to match online pricing or to sell through to make room and revenue for the next delivery that was forward ordered months previously.”

Believing in regular reordering, and not available through online-only retailers, Fusion offers dealers a low investment and initial buy-in, with no minimum order requirement. The brand prides itself on quick delivery from either its UK stock or Danish warehouse, with near complete availability every week of the year.

“We urge any dealers that are frustrated with their current clothing brands, that want to look at an alternative, that want to be in control of what they order and when they order it, to contact us,” says Ryley. “We believe that the Fusion product range and philosophy and way of working is something that they should consider. Dealers can experience the Fusion quality personally with Upgrade’s staff purchase programme. Adding the Fusion range puts the retailer back in control and will increase sales, profitability, efficiency and serviceability.”

Key Products for 2019:

  • The established S3 and S1 jackets are now available in an additional Fluro Orange colourway
  • Hot conditions jersey featuring panels of UV blocking material, whilst remaining lightweight
  • One-piece road race suit unique to Fusion, offering the advantages of a skin suit while retaining a more conventional jersey and bib short look.

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