Covid-19 lockdown: Remind new or returning cycle customers about lights

Switched on about lights: Right now there are a lot of people cycling that haven’t for a long time, perhaps on bikes that they are no longer suited to. It’s likely that returning or new cyclists could do with some refreshers on cycling, including how best to use lights day and night, says Exposure Lights

Car drivers are loving the fact that roads are empty as much as we cyclists are, not least while the roads are relatively empty. Having lights on during the day is going to give the motorists a lot more notice of when a cyclist is there and where the cyclist is. Most car drivers now look out for lights day or night since vehicles have had to have day light running lights.


It is our responsibility to educate cyclists to ensure that they are riding the best equipment for their budget. 80% of all cycling related accidents happen during the day time*. There are now 31.7 million cars registered to be on the road**, since 2011 new vehicles are supplied with daytime running lights***, more vehicles with lights on during the day, the cyclist is being visually pushed further into the background of the busier roads. Cars are full of distractions and tools to make their drive easy, satellite navigation tells the driver when to turn, the driver now does not need to look just react. Mobile phone conversations distract the driver from driving; music emotionally moves the driver’s thoughts into a different place.

Cyclists need to be noticed. Because of this, Exposure lights has designed a specific pulse pattern and lumen intensity – Day Bright – to create, through our experience in providing fire and rescue, Ambulance and Police emergency lights, a light that will be detected from over a kilometre away on a country road and that cuts through the distractions of other vehicles and obstructions in modern city environments. This Day Bright pulse pattern cuts through modern visual noise to get the cyclist noticed and cut through the visual noises and distractions that the modern motorist contends with.

It’s worth talking to all those who are getting their bikes out of deep storage while they leave the car at home for the coronavirus lockdown, and to all those regular riders there’s no harm in reminding them.