Moore Large, ZyroFisher, Ison, ACT issue Covid-19 support statements

UK suppliers to the cycle trade have begun to issue statements in relation to their response to managing product flow during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Zyro Fisher CEO James Browning has issued the following statement:

We are all obviously facing a very unique and unprecedented challenge with the COVID-19 outbreak.

I am sure the challenges will be overcome and life will return to normal as a result of us all pulling together to combat the spread of this disease.

To that end I wanted to share with you the measures we at ZyroFisher are taking to minimise the impact on our suppliers and customers during this difficult time:

  • We will be following the government guidelines relating to COVID-19.
  • All office based functions such as Customer Service, Supply Chain, Finance and Sales Order Processing are now fully equipped to 100% work from home should this be required. We have stress tested this with all staff working remotely and the system coped well.
  • Moving forward each of these departments will be split into at least 2 teams with one working remotely; this will be seamless from your perspective.
  • Warehouse staff have been split into distinct working groups to limit the possibility of any infection spreading and disrupting operations.
  • Stock levels have been adjusted to account for any potential disruption in the supply chain.

I believe these measures will ensure ZyroFisher remains a reliable and robust partner within the cycling industry supply chain and look forward to supporting you over the coming months.

Given the situation is very fluid, I will update you, as required, over the coming weeks and months.

I wish you all the very best during these tough times.

Likewise, Moore Large has a similar trading update, but has also pledged key support, including:

  • Increased credit limits subject to current status.
  • Half price carriage thresholds.
  • Double the amount of days to pay.

“These measures are to stay in place for the foreseeable future,” according to MD, Nigel Moore. “We will continue as long as possible to provide an uninterrupted service, our warehouse and offices remain operational and our stocks and deliveries remain strong.”

The wider statement reads:

We hope you and your loved ones are safe during this unprecedented time. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, we are implementing a series of additional measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of our colleagues, customers, suppliers and athletes is maintained.

These measures include following the governments guidelines, resulting in temporary home offices being used where possible.  Our staff have been coordinated and are set up to work remotely to ensure the highest level of customer service is maintained. Our warehouse is following new safety and hygiene procedures and will remain fully functional, ensuring all goods get shipped on time.

At this point, Moore Large & Co Ltd will remain operational and we will continue to evaluate our operations as the global and national situation develops.

We would like to ask our customers to communicate by email where possible and of course use our B2B online ordering facility. Phone contacts will still be reachable by the usual group numbers but we recommend using your contacts direct dialling number for efficiency. All relevant contact numbers and email addresses are listed below.

We must all do our part to help contain the spread of COVID-19. Moore Large & Co Ltd has enacted precautionary safety measures nationally, including business travel restrictions and remote working policies that will remain in place until further notice. We strongly encourage everyone to take all precautionary measures to safeguard their health, and the health of others, as recommended by the World Health Organisation and the Local Health Authorities.

Thank you and remember – What a great time to be out riding a bike!

For the ACT it’s “business as normal”

The ACT takes the health and safety of its employees very seriously and continues to monitor the threat of COVID-19 globally with advice from official and trusted sources, including the World Health Organisation (WHO) and local Governments.

Following Government advice in light of the coronavirus issue, the ACT office will be operating with reduced staff with others working from home for the foreseeable future.

We are still working and as far as we’re concerned, it’s business as normal. We are available by email and on the phone so it shouldn’t prevent us progressing anything.

Our key focus is to retain support for our members and to ensure access to all of our services remain accessible during this challenging period to safeguard business continuity.

There are indications in the UK and overseas that cycling can be part of the transport solution and despite the disruption and uncertainty created by COVID-19, since the first case in November 2019, cycle retail finance sales have increased by c.15% vs LY in the UK.

Ely distributor Ison is issuing daily updates too, the latest of which reads:

Dear Ison Distribution dealers,

Here is a brief update as to where we are as a company and what our plan is moving forwards regarding Covoid-19 (Corona Virus).

In as far as is reasonable, we are currently planning to remain ‘open for business as usual’.

The health and wellbeing of our dealers, employees and families is paramount right now and following the recent government announcements we are aiming to do everything we can as a business to best serve those dear to us.

  • A significant number of our office staff will be working from home from, leaving our order processing staff to remain available in a less crowded working environment.
  • To help avoid pressure on the reduced number of office staff, we would ask you to initially connect directly with your area sales-person if you require assistance in placing orders or have service issues that they may be able to assist you with. The area sales staff are not now travelling, but do have access to email, mobile phones and are also available for a chat on Skype*.  If you need their contact details – please ping a quick email to: with your contact information , and we will forward on to the appropriate person for you to connect.    
  • Our Brand Managers are now generally working from home, we would ask you to connect with our Brand Managers via Email or Skype if you need to discuss anything with them directly. If in doubt of their details – please email: and we will forward on for you to connect.    
  • Our websites will remain operational as usual.
  • Our sales and customer service teams will endeavour to manage the telephones and respond to emails in a timely manner, but please consider we are running minimal staff in the building.
  • Shipping times are expected to remain largely unchanged at present.

If anyone needs any further information or we can help any of our dealers in any way please get in touch, we are here to help you in these challenging times.

Take care, take extra care of those who need your care.

Thank you for all of your support and understanding in these unprecedented times.

Just in: The revised Taipei Cycle Show that was set for May has now been cancelled.

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