Cube warns customers off fraudulent webshop bearing CEO’s name

Cube Bikes has issued a warning to customers across Europe to steer clear of the domain

UPDATE: The domain is now also registering similar signs and Cube further warns customers to steer clear of this website.

The latest in a worrying trend where scammers create web shops closely mimicking brand portals, Cube has been fielding calls and complaints from would-be customers who have complained about money taken and no delivery.

The manufacturer writes on its social networks: “ is selling bikes in Marcus Pürner’s name and using our address, but then failing to deliver. No business relationship exists between us and this company. We caution against purchasing bikes via the Bicycles4you website.”

Increasingly such fake online stores are lifting a bike shop or brands’ website assets before quickly mirroring the genuine page at numerous URLs. These URLs are very often promoted on social media channels, drawing in masses of buyers taken in by promises of 90% discounts.

To date numerous brands have been targeted ranging Pinarello to Trek, as well as London’s The Bike Rooms, among other genuine shops.

False online stores are very often easily rooted out with privacy policy and other offshoot pages copy and pasted from other online web stores.