Cut price hotel rates available to bike shops registered to The Bike Place

Are you heading for Silverstone between January 14th to 16th for the Bike Place Show? If so, the organiser has secured some exclusive cut-price hotel rates for those needing accommodation.

Visitors have the choice of two hotels, with discounts obtained simply by quoting “The Bike Place Show”.

The first is The Villiers Hotel in Buckingham, located 6.5 miles from Silverstone. Full off street parking and a complimentary breakfast are offered and all for £89 per night for a single, or £100 for a twin of double room.

You can book by calling 01280  822444.

Secondly, visitors can access the Milton Keynes central Holiday Inn within just a 30 minute drive.

Again offering on-site parking, the Holiday Inn is available to visitors from £75 per night for a single or £85 for a twin or double.

Bookings can be made here via 01908 698540.

Having announced a significant added value series of educational and data-rich seminars for the show, shops now stand to gain much more than just product knowledge. Talks will offer free sales training, saddle science knowledge from pro-tour fitter Jon Iriberri and plenty more.

If you’ve yet to register for The Bike Place, click here.