The Bike Place visitors to benefit from data and education rich seminar series

Visitors to the 2018 The Bike Place Show will for the first time benefit from a seminar stage area, put on in collaboration with CyclingIndustry.News

Those who register for the January 14th to 16th exhibition will enjoy a line up that’s not limited exclusively to bike industry speakers, with an outside-looking-in view delivered from market researchers GFK as a headline talk on Monday, January 15th.

The show will also welcome pro-tour bike fitter and CEO Jon Iriberri, who is to bring forward his deep knowledge of saddle science. The mind behind the infamous Essax Shark saddle, Iriberri is a pioneer in the bike fitting world and will be flying in from Spain to deliver a seminar based on ensuring your customer gets the best saddle for their needs.

Also speaking, veteran bike industry sales trainer Colin Rees – who has delivered sales training to everyone from Raleigh to Giant – will be sharing his knowledge on how to get your staff motivated and actively driving your sales and service departments.

Further to Rees, HighStreetMentor’s Mark O’Dolan will be sharing his knowledge in an easy-to-digest seminar on improving your business’s bottom line.

Show organiser Sean Reynolds said of the added value brought to the show: “Bolstering the 2018 show with these very high quality speakers is amazing. All dealers should take advantage of this absolutely free resource. Several of the talks will offer in-depth advice from experts who have a proven track record in helping businesses grow. Having this range of seminars each day really pushes The Bike Place shows offering and is another great reason that the show shouldn’t be missed.”

CyclingIndustry.News’ editor Mark Sutton added: “For those looking to steady their businesses and inspire new ideas for 2018 these seminars will be offering an abundance of content you’ll not find anywhere else and certainly not for free. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to help Sean develop this added value aspect to his show and hope dealers enjoy the educational content laid on by the excellent roster of speakers.”

Allotted times on stage will be published online shortly, as well as published in the Bike Place Show Guide, as delivered with CyclingIndustry.News’ first Trade Journal of 2018. In the UK bike business and don’t yet receive a copy? Sign up free of charge here.

Keen to introduce a seminar stage to your cycling event? CyclingIndustry.News can help and you can contact us here.

Be sure to register to catch these speakers in January:

Colin Rees, Quest Consultancy sales training
A veteran of the cycle trade, Colin Rees has over the years delivered sales training for the likes of Madison, Raleigh and Giant’s staff, as well as countless bike shops up and down the country. Operating under the Quest Consultants banner, Rees is available to bike shops requiring a reinvention or to those simply looking to better their bottom line.
If you enjoy Colin’s articles and think that his services could benefit your store, you can make contact here.

Craig Middleton, NRG4 Cycling presents Xplova
You’ve undoubtedly now heard of the Acer-backed Xplova cycle computer, but is the device up to the “Garmin killer” hype that has been circulating? Importer NRG4 is to give a demo and take a Q&A session with retailers keen to see for themselves just what the device is capable of.

David Hemming, X-Bionic
Does your store’s clothing department need a little inspiration? X-Bionic’s country manager David Hemming will be taking to the stage to talk through some of the technical advantages gained by performance athletes when investing in high-spec cycling apparel. Retailers will also be able to hear how demos of X-Bionic’s gear have turned into money spinners for the Italian label.

John Styles, Cyconomist

John’s talk is titled “Demographic Cliffs and Technological Time-bombs – How to survive the next 10 years in the cycle trade”.

A long-term bike industry rep and smash hit author, John Styles will be a familiar name to many in the UK trade thanks to his role with Orbea, among others.

John brings to the table much more than just a deep experience in the cycling business, however. With a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Styles acts as a consultant to businesses within and looking to enter the cycling market.

Jon Iriberri, pro-tour bike fitter and CEO
A fitter to the pro tour and pioneer in countless ideas in modern bike fitting, Jon is embedded in the bicycle industry at the very highest levels of the sport and fitting community. Having delivered education on stages around the globe to those now teaching the next generation, Jon is warmly regarded as one of the biggest personalities in the international bike fitting community.
Also CEO of, as well as a lecturer with the UCI WCC, Iriberri’s depth of knowledge and experience has him in high demand. He may also be the only man on earth to have fitted a sheep to a bicycle…

Mark O’Dolan, HighStreetMentor
Driven to help retailers improve their net takings, HighStreetMentor is a consultancy with a deep understanding of bike retail. O’Dolan, previously a speaker at Madison’s IceBike show, will be on hand to discuss how to hold margins steady, grow your customer base and ultimately improve your profits.

Paul Mitchell, GFK
Speaking on the 15th GFK’s cycling market expert will be on hand to detail what the market researcher is doing to help the bike industry gather reliable data. Planning to highlight some key trends in retail, Mitchell’s talk should provide unique insight as to the direction of the market and potential revenue leads for your business.

Justin Dueck, Kali Protectives
Fresh from California, Justin will be informing dealers about Kali’s technologies and why we the firm does things a little differently to other Protection Brands. Join Dueck to find out exactly what damage CTE can do to the brain and to find out how Kali’s “MIPSkiller” LDL technology works. Wondering how to best set up protective gear in store? Dueck will be on hand on the Kali booth to take your questions either side of his slot on stage.

Tom Korff, Frog Bikes
Do kids need a bike fit? Frog’s research suggests it may be more of a benefit than previously thought and has as such built its kids’ bike geometries around quite a substantial study of their target market. Head along to the stage to hear the many behind the research Dr. Tom Korff share his ideas on why kids need to be treated like high-end customers.