Cycling Made Easy becomes Energise E-bikes

Cycling Made Easy is to rebrand as Energise E-bikes in a bid to better resonate with the modern electric bike customer.

The two stores located in Coulsdon and Tunbridge Wells, as well as the website, are to take on the new branding, with owner Ray Wookey explaining “the rationale now reflects where electric bikes are at.

“We now have high-tech, pedal-assisted machines that energise the rider and allow new demographics to go further. Crucially, these bicycles allow people to get some exercise, something many are not immediately aware of,” added Wookey.

Indeed, according to recent research, 65% of the public are unaware that you have to pedal an e-Bike to start moving.

Dispelling the tired notion that electric bikes are ‘cheating’, Wookey’s aim after eight years in the pedal assist business is to extend what he describes as a “viral movement” toward pedal assist adoption, as seen to a greater extent on mainland Europe.

“We are in a growth market now. For years there was a resistance from dealers, but downwards pressure to begin the e-Bike movement in the UK is now seeing business going like the clappers. The competition is significantly higher now, but there is sufficient growth in the market for specialists like us to stock a few hundred bikes and thrive.”

The renaming of the business comes with a new, improved logo and a website launch at

The firm remains contactable on 01892 459 551 (Tunbridge Wells) and 0208 660 8823 (Coulsdon).