CyclingIndustry.News and U.S. dealer association NBDA team for exclusive benefits

CyclingIndustry.News and The National Bicycle Dealers Association ( NBDA ) have today announced a new partnership that will bring exclusive benefits to the U.S. trade organisations’ members and broaden the reach of the UK’s leading B2B title.

As part of the partnership NBDA members will be able to take advantage of discounts on CyclingIndustry.News’ annual market study, which will be made available at a U.S. exclusive rate of $750 (down from $1,100), as well as having the opportunity to post vacancies on the CI.N Jobs Board at a 20% discount.

CI.N’s annual report serves the market with a detailed snapshot of where independent bike shops are making and pulling investments as the face of modern retail changes. The 47-page report further illustrates what behaviours improve and dilute supplier relationships, how shops have reacted to the pandemic, which suppliers are gaining ground across a number of segments and plenty more.

Though the data is based on UK bike businesses, as many veterans of the business will attest, trends often tend to be quickly mirrored in similar markets.

Heather Mason, the NBDA’s new president said of the partnership: “We are pleased to welcome Cycling Industry News as a preferred partner with the NBDA. Working in close collaboration with the team at CyclingIndustry.News will ensure that we are able to deliver timely, relevant news and information to our members. We consider CyclingIndustry.News a leader in market data and trend analysis and the work they have done will allow us to provide opportunity of discovery to help our members drive revenues.”

An in-depth interview with Mason will shortly be carried on CI.N which explores her first months in charge of the trade organisation and the roadmap ahead.

Editor Mark Sutton will also shortly appear on the NBDA’s Bicycle Retail Radio, a podcast designed to deliver retailers the inside line on some of the industry’s fastest moving trends in business and bicycle advocacy.

CyclingIndustry.News’ Editor added: “For a long time CI.N has valued the friendships held with industry leaders in USA, so this partnership with the NBDA feels like a natural alignment and at a time when the organisation looks to the future with fresh eyes. Consistently a fifth of our audience has come from over the Atlantic and I have always found professionals in the American market to be some of the most engaged and open-minded in the bike business. For that reason, I look forward to sharing our content further afield and offering some valuable benefits to NBDA members looking to stay ahead of the market.”

Established in 1946, the National Bicycle Dealers Association has been a long-standing partner to the American retailer and, up until 2019, was also the parent and publisher to U.S. trade title Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, which is now owned by VeloNews parent Pocket Outdoor Media (now known as Outside). As such, the foundations of the organisation have been built upon assisting bicycle stores to develop their businesses and enhance profitability through education, market research and wider advocacy efforts designed to benefit all in the trade.

The NBDA is run as a non-profit and the board is made up of industry veterans, most of whom carry bicycle retail experience. The new president has held roles across the industry, managing the Merckx brand’s expansion into the market, as well as having worked for Bianchi and written extensively for the domestic trade title.