Cyclon debuts Brake Roller designed to bed in pads for customer

Cyclon has taken a pro-active approach to dealing with customer complaints on a bike’s brake feel right out of the box with a new Brake Roller machine.

Designed to eliminate customers returning soon after purchase with complaints on poor braking power or brakes squealing, the machine replicates the bedding in process in 90 seconds per wheel, something which Cyclon believes could eventually save mechanics and even OEMs time and money. The investment for the dealer or OEM is £1,499.

Mark de Bruin, who runs a dealership just outside Amsterdam is one user of the product, who said of the investment: “Each bike is built out of the box then to save time in the future we bed the brakes in with the Brake Roller. This saves the workshop hours of problems when the customer returns with brake problems, cleaning the pads, cleaning the discs, or even fitting new pads that wouldn’t of been needed if the brakes had been bedded in with the brake roller. We talked about the cost of the roller but decided it was an investment to save our mechanics time and ultimately save our business money by not having customers returning with brake problems.”

The Cyclon Brake Roller is available in the UK from distributor The Cycle Division. They can be contacted at, or called on 01484 665055. To arrange a demonstration please contact Cyclon UK Sales Manager David Carey on, or call 07747 811884