Cyclon debuts The Grease Bar for the pro workshop

The Cycle Division now has stock of a new workshop kit from Cyclon, dubbed The Grease Bar.

Designed for workshop organisation, the Grease Bar consists of a custom metal shelf that fixes to the wall, or bench top. The Grease Bar takes three pots of Cyclon’s grease and carries a further two spots for aerosols that workshops frequently use. Among other lines, it will take Cyclon’s Instant Polish Wax, a product that offers efficient cleaning of dirty frames, while protecting your customer’s paint, chrome, carbon, aluminium, rubber and plastic.

Cyclon UK representative Dave Carey told CI.N this morning: “You can buy three tubs of grease and the Bar comes free and posted to the shop. I’m on the road with this kit, so welcome shops interested in a demo and some samples to get in touch. This is top quality gear for the bicycle mechanic and the Grease Bar is a brilliant little unit to keep the workshop tidy.”

Kit that will be comfortably housed within the Grease Bar includes:

The Cyclon Bearing Grease: a general grease that has a good lubricating effect and also has a good water-repellent function. This Bearing Grease can be used for all rotating parts.

The Cyclon Assembly Paste: This prevents creaking and ensures that threaded items can easily be dis-assembled. You can use this grease on threads of, for example, pedals, bottom brackets, seat posts and stems, but also on other places on your bike where metal-metal connections occur. Thanks to this grease, the parts are protected against moisture and they will not creak “even under heavy pressure,” claims the brand.

The Cyclon Course Grease: This grease reduces the rolling resistance of the rotating parts of your bike. In addition, it protects the rotating parts thanks to the long-lasting P.T.F.E. film layer. This layer protects your bike against salt and fresh water and does not saponify. Course Grease is biodegradable and is said to last a long time.

The Cyclon Stay Fixed: This is Cyclon’s answer to a mounting paste for carbon. For attaching seat posts, handlebars and stems. Cyclon Stay Fixed is intended for all non-moving parts to be assembled such as carbon and aluminium seat posts and handlebar stems.

5×1 spray: This is a P.T.F.E. based lubricant (general spray) that ensures longevity. Cyclon’s 5×1 spray penetrates the smallest gaps and openings and forms a thin lubricant layer. Can be used for chains, derailleurs, cables and pedals.

To contact the Cycle Division directly call 01484 665 055. To arrange samples shops can contact Dave Carey by email, or call 07747 811884.