DAHON debuts new AI linked technology at Taipei Show

One of the world’s leading folding bike brands, DAHON, has debuted brand-new AI-linked technology along with its new range of folding bikes for 2019 at the Taipei Cycle Show.

DAHON’s latest addition is titled NuWave. The compact NuWave employs a new format dubbed “narrow folding technology” to fold down to a width of just 15cm. The model will be available in three different wheel sizes: 14”, 16” and 20” along with electric versions of these configurations.

The NuWave will also form the basis of DAHON’s new AI-linked bicycle sharing system which incorporates smart lockers. The innovative system aims to remedy the many challenges faced by traditional shared bikes.

The ultra-slim NuWave is designed for the urban environment and its small size means it can be placed into very compact secure lockers. Intelligent software is incorporated into the locker banks for monitoring maintenance, location, payment, and, says Dahon, even advertising.

The use of folding bikes in Bikeshare could be an interesting and innovative new solution in super-dense urban environments, especially when combined with other forms of public transport.

Use of AI and the Internet-of-Things within Bikeshare (and the wider cycling industry in general) appears to be a rapidly growing trend. Expect lots more as the 4th Industrial Revolution really takes hold.

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