Derby Cycle CEO Raith steps aside

Thomas Raith, the CEO of Derby Cycle, has stepped aside from the helm of Germany’s top-selling manufacturer.

Raith has outlined that he is stepping aside for private reasons and is looking to spend more time with his family.

“This decision has been made even easier for me because, with my colleague Janco van der Heiden, I have a successor who has not only become a big brand expert, but also an industry connoisseur,” said Raith.

Derby has grown substantially under Raith’s guidance, but will now benefit from the expertise of van der Heiden, a former head of VW Netherlands who joined in October of 2016.

“Thomas Raith has made a major contribution to the steady growth of the Pon.Bike Group over the last few years and the continuous expansion of its market share”, adds Armin Landgraf, Senior Vice President of Pon.Bike. “He has intensified the collaboration between the brands and has also been instrumental in the development and implementation of the successful Pon.Bike strategy. We regret his decision, but thoroughly accept his private reasons for this.”

“Today, Derby Cycle is one of the most successful brand companies in the bicycle industry. This is above all thanks to Thomas Raith, who set the right course at the right time”, says Janco van der Heiden, the new Chairman of the Board at Derby Cycle. “We will now continue along this path and push our market leadership and internationalisation ahead with strong brands and innovative products.”

Derby is the parent of brands including Cervelo, Kalkhoff, Focus and Univega, among others. The firm sells more than half a million bikes annually and employs over 820.