Donnelly Sports ends Clement brand license, reverts to own-label product

Donnelly Sports LLC, which has been licensing the Clement name from Pirelli, is ending its use of the trademark with the Italian-based tire brand, choosing to launch into the market a tyre label under the Donnelly Cycling banner.

With Pirelli currently re-launching into cycling the license agreement has ceased as the firm once again becomes a competitor.

Donnelly Sports owner, Donn Kellogg began licensing the Clement brand name in 2010 revitalizing the 130 year-old tyre brand by developing new road, cyclocross and adventure tire tread patterns. The designs – many of which have been raced to World Cup and National cyclocross titles – are owned by Kellogg and will continue under the Donnelly brand name.

“The tread patterns, the tyre model names, and the wheels were all designed here in Colorado beginning in 2010 at the time of trademark licensing. People ask for our tires by model name such as PDX, MSO, and USH which will all be rolled under the Donnelly brand name,” said Kellogg.

Donnelly branded product will be released in mid-September beginning with cyclocross tubulars. Clinchers for ‘cross and gravel will follow. Long awaited wheel sets, media-tested at last year’s Colorado to Interbike Beehive Ride, will start to land toward the end of September. The brand has chosen to sell via the independent bicycle dealer channel in the U.S.

The Donnelly brand will emphasize its home base of Colorado, concludes Kellogg. The new packaging will include the state licensed “Colorado Designed” logo.

“We are proud to be a Colorado based company,” Kellogg said. “It’s a world class destination for all genres of cycling. The strong cycling community here is on the highest level, which is an integral part of our design, development and testing team. This has allowed us to develop each individual tire for very specific riding and racing conditions. We’re a young company that will continue to make products that are well ahead of the curve.”