Dutch Bicycle Centre to become hub for cycling firms and Gazelle experience centre

A 10,000-metre-squared complex set to host multiple bicycle businesses is to be set up in Nijmegen under the Dutch Bicycle Centre banner.

As reported on NieuwsFiets.Nu, discussions are already underway to create a hub of cycling businesses under one roof close to the German border, as well as hosting a further Gazelle Experience Centre, which will “start taking shape” by mid-October.

The brainchild of Joppe van Stiphout and Jos Sluijsmans, the concept began in Honig and has previously housed a small mix of companies, mostly those in the bicycle trade. Van Stiphout himself was involved as the owner of stores Stipbike and CycleGifts.eu.

The expansion of the idea has come about in tandem with Arno Cup, the owner of eBike4Delivery, who knew of the premises now proposed for the centre. Located just inside the city limits of Nijmegen and not far from the Goffert railway, the centre is also well connected by cycle routes. The space is also adjacent the Novio Tech Campus and NXP factory, two facilities where business can find ample supply of skills and know how for projects.

Van Stiphout told the Dutch news site: “It must be a mix of B2B and B2C, with professional catering out there. We aim for 30,000 visitors a year. This building has to breathe ‘bicycle’. There will be education, innovation & design, media & events, bicycle associations, clubs, sports, bicycle companies, you name it.”

An initial meet and greet at the centre was well received, with numerous company representatives in attendance. Around 40 different businesses are hoped to occupy the centre’s three floors. The first businesses are able to move in this Autumn.

To enquire about space at the Dutch Bicycle Centre, contact van Stiphout on (024) 42 000 25.