E-bike and cycle computers get the Panzerglass treatment

Panzerglass is a name more familiar to those seeking high-spec protection for mobile devices, but the proprietary technology is equally at home protecting other devices. Here Global Director of New Channels Alan Brennan reveals how the e-Bike and cycle computer market is the next target…

There’s a chance that you’re reading this very article while staring directly through Panzerglass. A brand name in 70 countries, the protective coverage brand’s goods solidify everything from laptop and tablet screens to Smartwatches; and now they’re making moves in the cycling world too. Having first delivered a portfolio for the protection of cycle computers, the natural evolution of the product has been to move alongside the electric bike market, creating solutions for coverage of the displays found on most pedal-assisted bikes.

A proprietary take on just glass, Panzerglass is vastly tougher. A team of in-house designers and engineers have created a double tempered glass product that offers strength, shock resistance, direct impact resistance and a surface that shrugs off scratches that eventually make computers harder to read. That’s half the spec sheet, there is in fact further benefits to the protective layer, namely the glass in anti-glare, fully touch compatible, fingerprint-resistant and, especially relevant now, has an anti-bacterial coating that’s kills bacteria present on the glass. All of this with an easy peel and stick installation process.

Having moved quickly to capture much of the momentum of a rising electric bike market, Panzerglass already has solutions for the main motor manufacturer’s displays. Adorned to the available point of sale units on offer to shops are protective solutions for cycle computers from Wahoo, Yamaha, Shimano, Garmin, Bosch and Giant. For each of these retail customers can protect their equipment from anywhere between €15 to €30.

“We have an extensive range of customised premium POS solutions, that are both digital and analogue, centred on capturing the shoppers’ hearts and minds, with a focus on ease of shop at the fixture to convert more browsers into buyers,” says Global Director of New Channels Alan Brennan. “We have a number of commercial solutions, accommodating the needs of both small to large retail operations, each of which optimise the gross margin potential of our products.”

In this push to capture the cycling market’s attention Panzerglass will take to Eurobike in September to demonstrate the Super+ grade glass pitched at the bike market; that is both to potential aftermarket stockists, but also to OEM e-Bike and computer labels looking to bolster their product. In the mobile and automotive spaces Panzerglass is already delivered to a custom spec for numerous manufacturers.

If your business would like to meet the multi-lingual team Panzerglass will be found in the Paul Lange Village, #B3/301. Alternatively, you can stock up now by contacting Alan via on albr@panzerglass.com.