Energise e-Bikes’ sales double amid Covid-19 fears

Sales of electric bikes have more than doubled over the past six months with specialist electric bike retailer Energise e-Bikes and it has been driven largely by transport shifts during the pandemic.

Ray Wookey, energise e-Bikes Managing Director, said: “The demand for electric bikes has multiplied over and again, and at Energise our customers say the main reason for their bike purchase is because they’re worried about using public transport during the pandemic.

“Second to that, our new first-time customers have told me they felt they had become unfit during the various stages of the pandemic and wanted to get more exercise, get back outdoors and fall in love with nature again.”

Wookey added: “I’m thrilled that so many more people are taking to the streets on an electric bike, and our annual sales figures reflect this as well.

“I anticipate that by March this year our sales figures will have increased by more than 200% compared with the previous 12 months.

“As an essential retailer we at energise e-Bikes are doing all we can to help meet this demand and we remain open in the current situation, by appointment.  We have more than 150 e-Bikes in stock, and we always give customers the opportunity to test ride a bike before making the purchase.”

Energise e-Bikes provides a one-to-one, Covid-safe, shopping experience with the stores’ e-Bike experts.

The company’s ethos is that all customers should be given a fully personal service by highly knowledgeable e-Bike experts, and give each customer all the information they need so as to make a well-informed decision about the bike they choose to buy.

Pic @Bosch Ebike Systems