EBMA legal battle against Giant Bicycles comes to an end with appeal dismissal

The European Court of Justice of the European Union has dismissed a European Bicycle Manufacturer’s Association appeal relating to an anti-dumping conviction leveled at Giant Bicycles, which had already been cancelled.

The case has been rumbling on since August of 2013. At the time the European Commission unusually opted to exempt three Chinese firms from the 48.5% dumping duty as a result of their compliance with the ongoing investigation.

Meanwhile, Giant was drawn into a costly legal battle that has been rumbling right up until Wednesday’s Court of Justice decision to throw the case out. The legal situation was in part down to Giant’s refusal to comply with the EU’s Directorate General Trade R546 General Disclosure Document.

Having appealed against the case in August of 2013, it wasn’t until November of 2015 that a judgement was passed in the case, with Giant’s conviction quashed. The EBMA then pursued the case, leading to this week’s final dismissal.

The European Union’s verdict can be read in full here.

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