ECF and WHO webinar to outline economic worth of cycling to your city

The European Cyclists’ Federation and the World Health Organisation is to host a free webinar on how the Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT) can estimate societal value when cities build for walking and cycling.

Developed by the WHO, the Health Economic Assessment Tool is already used around Europe with measurable results.

The latest report comes from Malta, where a slight increase in cycling resulted in 8.8 million euros of savings in one year. Meanwhile, in Barcelona, the HEAT was used to evaluate the new public bike system. In Brussels, the goal of 20% cycling mode share was translated into €250,000,000 of public sector savings and offered a strong push to policy-makers to take cycling related measures.

WHO’s Health Economic Assessment Tool was also used in Finland covering over a quarter of the country’s population. At the level of the EU, cycling is currently estimated to save 27,860 lives from premature mortality – worth almost 100,000,000,000 € per year.

Want to discover how active travel could benefit your city’s health and wellbeing? The webinar is free to register and takes place on Monday February 27th at 1.30PM CET.