ElliptiGO stand-up bike pioneers reach sales milestone

Leading stand-up bicycle manufacturer ElliptiGO has announced 25,000 of its bikes are now on the road.

The stand-up bikes are now sold in 33 countries across the globe. Over 250 universities and high schools in the U.S. have integrated the bikes in to their training sessions.

“We couldn’t be more excited about hitting this milestone knowing that it means we have positively impacted the lives of so many people,” said Bryce Whiting, vice president of Sales and Marketing at ElliptiGO. “We look forward to doubling this number in the next few years as the stand up category continues to gain traction and visibility.”

The Californian-based company launched the worlds first elliptical bicycle in 2010, and now has since launched seven models of stand-up bikes.

The ElliptiGO SUB, retailing at 999 euros, features adjustable toe cages, telescoping steer column, customisable setup and an 8-speed alloy freewheel hub.

The company produce a compact-stride range of stand-up bikes, including the Arc 3, Arc 8 and Arc 24. The bikes aim to provide a faster leg workout with a familiar cyclical feel, featuring adjustable stride height and pivoting foot platform.

ElliptiGO additionally brought out long-stride models of the stand-up bike, namely the 3C, 8C and 11R, to maximise rider comfort and performance. The bikes feature four adjustable stride-length settings and an elongated foot platform, with indoor-to-outdoor versatility.

The company’s range of stand-up bikes are distributed through speciality running, cycling and fitness retailers nationwide, at the ElliptiGO headquarters and online.

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