Eurobike asks the trade: 3 or 4 business days in 2018?

The organisers of Eurobike have this week sent out an email to its database which could have further implications for the shape the show takes in future.

Having recently outlined that the 2018 exhibition will be a trade only affair, as well as shunting the dates forward to July, the organisers have long been gathering feedback on how the exhibition can best serve the industry.

This week’s question centres on the duration of the exhibition, asking; Would you prefer the 2018 show to take three or four business days?

In the face of a trend for manufacturing and distribution giants turning to their own house shows the organisers have worked hard to fill the space. Indeed, Head of Eurobike Stefan Reisinger told us prior to the 2016 exhibition that this year’s show actually squeezed in around 20 more exhibitors year-on-year.

Reisinger said at the time: “There are more brands investing in their house shows and this is certainly a threat to us, but I think this will limit their businesses in the long term. It is important, I think, to attend trade shows like Eurobike. The exhibition is a platform for driving new business and is useful to build our bike community. I think also, that given the current difficulties facing the cycling trade, it’s perhaps more important to meet with your industry colleagues.”

The dates for the 2017 exhibition, which retains a consumer element, are:
Wednesday 30th August –  Saturday 2nd September 2017