Eurobike & sub-brands realign to offer unrestricted access

Eurobike’s organisers have announced they are now offering unrestricted access to the trade show and its sub-brands, in a bid to generate ‘maximum possible benefits’ for the cycling industry.

Therefore, the obligation to have a stand in Friedrichshafen, as was previous practice, will no longer apply in future from 2020 onwards.

Klaus Wellman, CEO Messe Friedrichshafen, explained: “We want to drive the whole industry forward. This means that we are prepared to break the taboos of international trade fair business.”

Until now, industry involvement in events such as Eurobike Media Days, the Demo Area at the trade fair and the Eurobike Festival Day were always linked to compulsory full attendance at the Lake Constance show.

Instead, Messe Friedrichsahfen will offer a multi-layered platform strategy with different participation models.

Stefan Reisinger, Head of Eurobike, said: “The bike industry is currently in the middle of a fundamental transformation. The future challenges and opportunities are enormous and the field of action are highly diverse. It is a logical step to remove barriers that would only hinder this development.

“We will be organising our events over the whole year with a much stronger emphasis on different participation options. The original Eurobike has a long history of developing international competence in a wide range of different formats, user values and realisation dates. The impact of this dynamic momentum will be even stronger in the future.”

Project Manager, Dirk Heidrich, added: “Each edition of the fair demonstrates anew just how much the industry needs a central, leading event. Everybody in the bike business comes to Lake Constance, whether they are exhibitor or trade visitor. In future, brands will be able to officially take part at Friedrichshafen without having to commit to an elaborate booth.

“We are also offering new analogue and digital configuration options, with different price models. There is great potential to ease the burden here. We see ourselves in the future as a provider of business solutions to multiple client partners, and not just as a trade show organiser for exhibitors.”

Overview of forthcoming dates from Eurobike & sub-brands:

  • 2 to 4 July 2019: Eurobike Media Days at Kronplatz, South Tirol
  • 10 to 11 July 2019: Urban Mobility Media Days by Eurobike in Frankfurt
  • 4 to 7 September 2019: Eurobike in Friedrichshafen
  • 3 to 5 October 2019: ASEANBIKE in Bangkok, Thailand
  • 18 to 19 April 2020: VELOBerlin in Berlin
  • June/July 2020: Eurobike Media Days and Urban Mobility Media Days
  • 2 to 5 September 2020: Eurobike in Friedrichshafen
  • Eurobike Award (
  • Eurobike Academy
  • Eurobike Travel Talk
  • Eurobike Holiday on Bike
  • The Wriders’ Club (
  • Bidex (
  • Coming soon: digital b2b tool



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