UCI lifts ban on Disc Brakes come 2017

Come next year, disc brakes will be making a re-appearance in the pro peloton once again after the UCI this week announced, after their meeting at the World Championships in Doha Qatar, that the trial would restart from the 1st January 2017. There will have to be modifications to the designs of the disc, however the bicycle industry has expressed relief at the announcement.

The press statement reads:

The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) as the representative body of the bicycle industry is pleased to announce that the trial of disc brakes in road racing will be recommenced as of January 1, 2017.

The UCI Management Commission has approved during its meeting on October 13, 2016 at the occasion of the UCI Road World Championships in Doha, Qatar that the trial of disc brakes in road racing should restart in 2017. The Commission has acknowledged the proposal of the UCI Equipment Commission that suggested to restart the trial only ten days ago.

The decision comes after months of discussions by the UCI with representatives of teams through AIGCP (Association Internationale des Groupes Cyclistes Professionels), riders through CPA (Cyclistes Professionels Associés) and the industry represented by the WFSGI. The UCI which has also examined a risk assessment of disc and rim brakes with a third party institution, but also AIGCP and CPA finally supported the proposal to restart the trial of disc brakes. The bicycle industry who backed this decision from the very beginning does welcome the support of the other parties a lot and would like to thank all of them for the positive collaboration.

The trial in 2017 will restart with the same team categories as in 2016, but will see a slight modification when it comes to the rotors of the disc brakes. Due to practical reasons which should guarantee a faster wheel exchange, the Commission decided to use discs which are modified to ensure the perimeter edge of the brake rotor does not contain any 90 degree edges but are smoothed or chamfered.

WFSGI Secretary General Robbert de Kock confirms the relief within the bicycle industry: “The industry never doubted disc brakes to be a safe and well performing product. We appreciate that the good collaboration among AIGCP, CPA and UCI did help to get a better understanding on the circumstances around the introduction of this product and did finally lead to a positive decision. The WFSGI is also looking forward to working with the UCI and a working group on a periodical review of the trial period in 2017.”