Expiry notice issued on anti-dumping on Chinese imports to EU

The European Commission has issued an expiry notice on anti-dumping of bicycles imported from China.

Set to expire on June 6th 2018, the notice does include a prompt for producers within the Union to lodge a written request for a review, something that the European Bicycle Manufacturer’s Association has traditionally been forthcoming with ahead of deadlines.

Should that request be submitted as expected, the investigation will taken nine months to complete before the review is published.

The EU is at present overhauling anti-dumping legislation, according to Bike-Eu, which adds that regulation proposals may see the removal of China from EU lists relating to ‘non market economy’ countries.

At the time of writing, anti-dumping duties on Chinese imports will not end on June 6th, 2018. At present a 48.5% duty applies to imports of bicycles from China into EU member states.

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