First Project Chainge is a success

The inaugural Project Chainge campaign has raised nearly £1,500 to donate bikes to local charity Sheffield Cycling 4 All, which gives adults and children with disabilities the opportunity to ride bikes and enjoy the benefits of cycling.

Project Chainge (a playful amalgamation of ‘chain’ and ‘change’) was launched in November last year by Davi Birks, host of MTB and action sports podcast; The HKT Podcast.

The aim of the project was to bring together podcast listeners and wider cycling community to bring real ‘chainge’ in to people’s lives who need it the most. The goal was to raise £1000-£2000 to buy specially-adapted bikes and standard bikes for the charity.

Part way through the fundraising process, Marin UK got involved with the project and donated four bikes to the cause. The donated bikes will also be used to help people suffering with mental illness by allowing them time away from hospital wards, on two wheels in the fresh air.

Birks said: “I want to quickly thank every person who got involved with Project Chainge, especially the listeners of The HKT Podcast and John Oldale at Marin UK for the kind gesture. It was an honour to deliver the bikes and meet some of the people that will get hours of fun and benefits from them. It just goes to show what can be achieved when communities rally together, thank you!”

The bikes were handed over to Sheffield Cycling 4 All last week. Keep an eye out for more upcoming Project Chainge initiatives this year.

Hayley Everett

Multimedia Reporter

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